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Native spanish tutor Online. The first two classes are free! Then you can decide the price/hour that suits you.

Hola! I give practical classes online of native Spanish very enjoyable.
I adapt them to what you need so you don't get bored and motivated. And I review with you how to improve your learning in each class. I offer flexible prices according to the possibility of each person.
Tell me, please, if it’ s interesting for you.
I hope to see you soon and thank you !

I have a Master's degree in Adult Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. And I have a Diploma in Business Science.
I also offer online training ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language). The content of the classes can be chosen between free subjects and/or conversation or according to the official method of the Instituto Cervantes, in Spain and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

I try to adapt the prices of the classes to the possibilities of the student. It is important that the knowledge reaches us all.

In theory it is better to always speak Spanish, but we can speak English if necessary.
I will be happy to help you learn dynamically, according to your personal tastes and preferences.
If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me.
Best regards.

Explanation of the different class formats:

Academic online classes with individual practice are based on the recommendations of the Council of Europe and the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference. It consists of a few hours of theory and practical examples. But in order to assume the level required by the exam, you have to repeat the exam and do more individual practice on your own. In this case they are less hours of classes and, therefore, less cost of teacher.

The academic online classes with joint practices are the same as the previous ones, with a format according to the European Framework, but with more hours of practice and study with the teacher.

The free content study classes contain a grammatical format but the learning is done freely based on the student's subjects of interest, with activities more adjusted to the student's preferences according to their age, social environment and/or studies than to the strictly academic ones.

The tutorials to follow the learning of Spanish through self-training is a mode of learning in which the student studies on his own. Online support and tutoring is offered for monitoring practices and exercises, to clarify doubts and correct errors, make recommendations, etc. They can be sent to review written activities, videos or audios, as well as corrections and answers.

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