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Uceio dell’Aquila The house of learning and teaching a DIFFERENT WAY (Berlin)

Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Gemeinnützige Organisation
Vergütung: depending what you work and the time you work

To all the people who got stressed, destroyed and lost and would like to plunge in a new fantastic adventure. The coronavirus showed us the dangers of bad habits, stresses, poor diet, a life without direction and a society that was lost in front of this pandemic, for this reason today people must get back a strong biological protection, trough good organic food, friendship, brotherhood, mastering the art of concentration, and developing pleasure and joy of living in every aspect, this is the only way. Viruses are everywhere on our planet, we breath thousands of them each time that we inhale and if some are a bit stronger and we are weak, then it becomes a pandemic. Doctors agree that almost only the weak people, with other pathologies, are killed by the Covid-19. Join us in an oasis of peace, health and harmony, where you boost up your immune system, a place where you are a highly protected and you have a super cool life, in case of a new lockdown period. If you like the idea of a healthy retreat, then you will like this even more. We don’t just give you the opportunity to go away for a few days or a week, we give you the chance to share with us a time of your life, how long is totally up to you. We are a community of professionals, teachers and students who want to help people who join us, to improve their health and psychological wellbeing through a lot of physical practice, martial arts, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Kong, dancing, massages like osteopathy, shiatsu and reflexology and a healthy diet. We also practice music, gardening, languages, and a special form of calligraphy. All in a completely natural way, using the knowledge coming from the alternative medicine and the oriental philosophy, through our Shaolin master, osteopath and psychologist, Master Dao. We use a special system of water dynamization based on the method of Marcel Violet, vitamins from the Shaolin temples and other powerful products, that all together exceptionally improve your overall health and wellbeing.
In our team, among the others, you will find Stefan, who revolutionized his life in this organisation, from a stiff, heartless soldier of the German Special Forces, to a charming, successful personal trainer, working in the best gyms of Berlin. Stefan is also an expert in nutrition and diet. Joan arrived as an insecure hockey teacher, without a job, and now he is a great fitness trainer and psychologist. Sarai a super talented ballet and modern dance teacher. Mariam, who has a background as a teacher of dancing and gymnastic in the touristic villages, also very talented in the languages, spent the last six months in a temple life with Master Dao learning the highest Shaolin techniques.
Our goals are to be happy, healthy, strong and proud of our life and to help as many people as possible to reach the same goal. Most of the problems in our society are coming because of the obsession of money, so we created a system covered by our association: our guests have access to all our activities, special products, food and accommodation for only 100 Euros a month plus a one-time only contribution of 100 Euros to enter the association. With that you can stay in our place an unlimited time, under two conditions: either you are active in our group and each day you try to give the maximum of help you can offer in a real spirit of brotherhood, or, second condition if you are really limited, maybe because you are beginner in everything, or handicapped or just lazy, you can give a donation of 200 euros to the association to stay longer, because you couldn’t produce any work. Normally, a honest commitment to help and work inside the association and the exchange between people will be enough to sustain your stay.
We use the benefits of our association to organise humanitarian actions around the world in which you can also take part.
Here everyone is a helper/teacher and a student who enjoys the life.
For further information and questions, contact us! We’ll be happy to make you discover more about our association.
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