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Hello, My name is Mistress Benita i am a Dominant female, a Domme a Mistress and a Lady..
I am funny, straight forward, blunt at times, passionate, romantic, loving, caring, sadistic, open minded, down to earth, perverted, kinky, fun, free a big beautiful woman[BBW]very strict, but fair, im a sadist who loves to give what you need.PAIN..WEG..i can be kind, cruel but always fairness isnt a sign of weakness...

i have been in this life style about 15yrs and have been on both sides of the fence so i do know every trick in the book and it wont work with have to obey.i follow protocol and you will too..
truth, honesty, communication..always and a must...i will not take arguing.lying, stealing..its your hide ...
I have tattoos and i like them and one day shall get more...i like leather, and i like motorcycles, camping, cooking, and a few other things...i love having fun...

--- --- ---looking for a slave male and female to tend to my wants, needs and desires, must be into poly..

masochists welcomed ...WEG

collaring is earned its a priveledge not a right so if you have earned it you will recieve it.i do not collar my slaves over night, they have to prove their worthy to wear my collar.we will go through a period of getting to know each other then it will go further if we are compatable...then i will consider things like collaring and stuff
so if you want to meet me.serve me, obey me, please me 24/7/365 RT.. then lets talk..smiles
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